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The Mango pierced very of size, color and form, but barely all present juicy pulp and definite flavor.

In Brazil, exist around hundred ranges of Mango, between the which the more acquaintances are: - Mango-haden - big, of color red-yellowed, in form of heart, sweet and without fibers..

- Mango Tommy atkins - presents the pulp of yellow color, and with texture fix and consistent, with abundant and thin fibers.

It is rich in vitamins A, C and of the complex one B. Good spring of you minerals as calcium, iron and match. . - Palmer THE pulp is yellowed, firm, good flavor (21.6º Brix), with little or no fiber.

Relation pulp/fruit is of 72%, medium content of fibers and thin shell. Hundred grams of Mango supply 59 calories.

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